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The Description from Ohc Dit Da Jow

Hua To’s Eight Immortals Dit Da Jow is used to treat all bruise injuries.

This is one of the finest bruise remedy liniments for all aspects of training. It penetrates deep, dispersing stagnated energy, and breaks up black and blue marks that occur from training and sparring.

Dit Da Jow bruise remedy aids in healing tendons, ligaments, sprains and tears. While White Tiger liquid ice pack is applied immediately upon receiving a swelling, Dit Da Jow bruise remedy is used for the second stage of swelling injuries and used until the injury is healed.

If you have heard how good our Dit Da Jow bruise remedy is said to be, you owe it to yourself to try this intensive bruise relief formula.

Ingredients: Alcohol, R.O.Water, Camphor, Rhubarb, Myrrh, Polygala, Achryanthes, Asarum, Frankincense, Arisaema, Pinellia Ternata, Angelica Dahurica, Ledebouriella Sesloides, Sanguis Draconis, Rehmannia, Lycopi, Angelica Tail, Notopterygium, Brassica Alba, Psudoginseng, Dipsacus, Drynaria Fortunei, Acantopanax, Teatayingchen, Acalphia, Angelica Pubescens, Gardenia Jasminoides, Pyrolusite, Carthemus, Ligusticum, Zizyphus, Sparganium.

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